Guilty as Charged: Cyndi’s Writing Confession

Okay, remember how I SWORE I was committing to my writing practice in conjunction with National Novel Writing Month? Well, here’s my confession about the best intentions:

  • Nov. 1 & 2: Texas Book Festival (for me, it’s nonstop from Friday through Sunday night)
  • Nov. 3 & 4: Let’s see, what was happening on those two days? Oh, that’s right, our national obsession finally culminated! (Note: I did post a blog entry on my personal blog about waiting for the election results)
  • Nov. 5-8: The nastiest bout of creeping crud took over and knocked me down big time! I even had a temperature of 100.5 the night I was supposed to host my first write-in.

So, gulp, I’m here to ‘fess up and admit I’ve blown the first week of NaNoWriMo. But here’s the beautiful thing about writing: You can always just sit down and WRITE again. Just take it one day at a time. Today, I worked on my query letter and wrote two blog entries.

Now that I’m back at it, I’d like to invite any of you Austin NaNoers and WLT members who could use an hour or two of writing time to join use this Thursday, Nov. 13, for these League-hosted write-ins:

For those of you who aren’t in Austin, write wherever you are during those times. And please let us know how it’s going!

Write on!

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