Right on, Timothy Egan!

Timothy Egan has a great rant on the Joe the Plumber/Sarah Palin book deals in today’s New York Times. Can’t wait to see what he has to say about the fourth-grader who landed a deal for something called How to Talk to Girls. We just can’t make this stuff up!

One thought on “Right on, Timothy Egan!

  1. I saw that kid quoted in Time today. I love it. A kid who’s still has visits from the tooth fairy is now the arbiter on amour. Give me a break.

    Remember Nadia Comaneci who turned women’s gymnastics into a sport for pre-pubescent girls? There’s no hook in headlining a seasoned professional writer who honed her craft the old fashioned Carnegie Hall way — practice, practice, practice.

    What’s next? Toddler-lit?

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