What’s Your Writing Resolution?

Okay, writers, what’s your official writing resolution for 2010? Share it with your friends at the Writers’ League!

Here are a couple of staff resolutions:

  • Jan Baumer: “I want to get over my fear of writing and put pen to paper.”
  • Sara Ortiz: “I want to write one blog entry a week.” (Sara’s blog is A Little Bite)
  • Cyndi Hughes: “Dang! Sara took my resolution. So here’s another one: I want to finish the first draft of my YA novel.”
  • Bethany Hegedus: “I will complete the draft of my next middle grade manuscript and build the buzz for my upcoming novel, “Truth With a Capital T,” releasing Fall 2010 with Delacorte/Random House.”

6 thoughts on “What’s Your Writing Resolution?

  1. I noticed that no one had commented yet, so I thought I’d take initiative. I am Nancy Lili, WLT’s most awesome intern! (Excuse my modesty.)

    My writing resolutions for 2010:
    — Write something- anything- daily.
    — Finish NaNoWriMo! (Unlike 2009)
    — Submit more poetry for publication in different journals/zines (minimum 12 submissions, one per month)
    — Update my personal blog more frequently (once per week, at least?)
    — Attend all of WLT’s Third Thursday meetings for free tips!
    — Join/ create a serious writing club that works for me

    I’m in the very beginning stages of becoming a writer, so I guess I’m still heavily focusing on the practice-makes-perfect aspect of writing. But 2010 shall be the year I make very serious advances!

    I can’t wait to read what everyone else’s resolutions are.

  2. – Complete the novelization of existing screenplay A to final draft. (Currently 35K words into first draft)
    – Complete the novelization of existing screenplay B to final draft. (Not started)
    – Complete the first draft of either a new screenplay or the novelization of existing screenplay C. (Stretch goal)

  3. I have to say I am pretty proud of my progress so far. 2009 was my first year out of the gate with fiction and I managed to add several credits to my name. This year I resolve to find the balance between not-enough editing and too-much editing and submit more (including the WLT manuscript contest again). Otherwise, just keep doing what I am doing because I seem to be on the right path!

  4. My writing resolutions: to finish the last 3-5 pages of the third full draft of this novel I’ve been on since 2006; to rewrite and edit my joint YA book with my twin; and finally to write everyday, despite the rest of what life and work throw at me.

  5. Send out hard copy submissions of my novel ‘In Search of the Fuller Brush Man’. 49 electronic submissions haven’t delivered a favorable response from an agent.

    Complete my current novel ‘Vinegarone’.

    Start on the 3rd book of my trilogy titled ‘Boundaries’.

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