Austin Five Things – TONIGHT (May 14)

Austin Five things, happening tonight (!), is a night full of music and live readings with the theme of roadside attractions or tourist traps! For a night filled with fun and hilarity, come out to the U.S. Art Authority to see fantastic writers read their five-minute tourist trap inspired stories.

Austin Five Things will be hosted by Amelia Gray, Stacy Muszynski, and special guest Rudy Ramirez. The featured writers are Bill Cotter (Fever Chart), Annie La Ganga (Stoners and Self-Appointed Saints), Les McGehee (Les McGehee Plays Well With Others: A “Grown-Up” Handbook of Improvisation and Play), Erin Pringle (The Floating Order), and Philly visitor Christian TeBordo (The Awful Possibilities, We Go Liquid, The Conviction & Subsequent Life of Savior Neck and Better Ways of Being Dead).

U.S. Art Authority

510 W. 29th St.

Doors at 7 pm

Only $2!

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