Thursday Thinking – Love Writing


Thursday Thinking posts focus on previewing, reviewing, and discussing the topics from our Third Thursday programs.  

Did you complete yesterday’s writing prompt to write a 1500 word love scene or a two page narrative poem about a love scene? (If you did and posted it online, link to it in the comments below.)

If you wanted to write a love scene but couldn’t, make plans now to attend next week’s Third Thursday panel “Tales of the Heart: Writing Effective Love Scenes and Love Stories.”

Maybe you’re a non-fiction author with a peripheral interest in love stories, come down to Book People next Thursday with an open mind toward learning how you might integrate some love lines into your writing.

Finally, even if you have no intentions of ever writing anything about love, Third Thursdays are always a good time to rub elbows with other writers.

Our guests will be authors Willa BlairMari MancusiShawnna Perigo, and Tracy Wolff, who have all written about love in one way or another.

See you next Thursday at 7 pm at Book People.

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