The holidays bring an abundance of culinary delights. It starts in October with Halloween candy and doesn’t let up until the traditional ham and black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day. Many traditional holidays are based on ancient harvest festivals that have been adapted to celebrate this season’s abundance. Families gather to indulge. Diets are put on hold. Second and third helpings are enjoyed. Leftovers are sent home with revelers.

Food has been as much a part of literature as murder and romance. Your mission this week is to write a story or poem that includes the culinary aspect of our culture. One of my first published short stories, Bait, had a culinary theme. I am adding a link to a website that still has it posted as an example of one way this can be done. Sit down with a cup of your favorite spiced beverage and enjoy. Feel free to share your results in the comment section.

Happy Holidays,


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