The New Math of E-Book Royalties

We wanted–no, scratch that–we felt obligated–to share this Authors Guild article with you. It’s called E-Book Royalty Math: The House Always Wins. Why are we not surprised? Here’s a preview:

“Everything else being equal, publishers will naturally have a strong bias toward e-book sales. It certainly does wonders for cash flow: not only does the publisher net more, but the reduced royalty means that every time an e-book purchase displaces a hardcover purchase, the odds that the author’s advance will earn out — and the publisher will have to cut a check for royalties — diminishes. In more ways than one, the author’s e-loss is the publisher’s e-gain.”

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– WLT Staff


An Evening with Roy Blount Jr.

The Austinist ran a great recap of our May 27 spring benefit with Roy Blount Jr.

“About 100 Austin literary aficionados gathered Wednesday night at St. Edward’s University to sample wine, duck and Brie quesadillas and the ambiance of Roy Blount stories. It was the Writers’ League of Texas spring fund raiser. As Blount set his wine glass on the podium, it started to slide. He deftly caught it and remarked, “I hate slanted podiums. They must think that a man can’t drink and lecture at the same time.” He, of course, can, though the evening felt more like a living room chat than a formal talk.” Read more here.