WLT and The Texas Book Festival

Thanks to everyone who stopped at our booth this weekend during the Texas Book Festival! For all those new faces, it was a pleasure getting to meet you, and for all of our members and friends who came by, it was great seeing you again!

This weekend was a huge success, especially for our author members who signed books at the booth and for our two staff members, Cyndi Hughes and Bethany Hegedus, both of whom participated in some panels! The Bookish Brunch also was a hit! Authors H.W. Brands, S.C. Gwynne, Bethany Hegedus, James McGrath Morris, and René Saldaña, Jr. were wonderfully entertaining and the food provided by Frances Townsend, Ted Gilman, and Kerbey Lane Cafe was delicious. Many thanks to BookPeople for selling books at the event as well.

As promised, here are the best of the writing prompts that we featured at our booth this weekend.

  • She passed over a crumpled page that said, “That’s the beginning of the end of my career as a writer.” – Tom Dalton
  • He stood quietly, as if waiting, and I pondered whether to tell him his fly was down. – Jeanna
  • She passed over a crumpled page that said, “Do not fold, spindle or mutilate.” She laughed.  – Caitlin Kinkade
  • He stood quietly, as if waiting, and I was suddenly aware of my sweaty palms; there was an awkward and tense silence that hung in the air like a blade above a guillotine. – Amellia
  • The craft landed in front of me and Larry, the eerie blue glow of its underside illuminated his face where I saw trepidation and excitement at what awaited us.
  • He stood quietly, as if waiting, and I watched as he began to sweat bullets. He realized I knew who he was and what he’d done.
  • I was aware all along of the menace looming behind me, waiting for me, yet I continued onward out of the cave and toward the daylight, determined and sweat soaked. – Caitlin Conran
  • He stood quietly, as if waiting, and I said, “Last year your mother lost her underwear while we were crossing the Fort Sam Quadrangle, and if you think I’m taking her to another Veteran’s Day parade, you’re crazy.” – Kathy Waller
  • I was aware all along of how unaware I was. – Kari Rosenfeld
  • I was aware all along of the passing absurdity of writing prompts. – Ken Jones



Author Q & A with René Saldaña, Jr

To get everyone excited for the Texas Book Festival and WLT’s Bookish Brunch that’s happening THIS weekend, here’s an interview with author René Saldaña, Jr., who will be a featured author at both events.

What book are you reading right now?
Would you believe, nothing at the moment? Or, nothing fun, I should say. I’m reading some Paulo Freire and Louise Rosenblatt for some academic writing I’m doing. And though I can appreciate their contribution to literacy, I’d rather be reading and re-reading Henning Mankell, Dennis Lehane, Dago Gilb, Matt de la Pena, or Sherman Alexie.

What is your writing routine and where do you write?
I’m really very loosey-goosey when it comes to a “routine.” I don’t challenge myself to write X number of words per day. I don’t have a place where I have to be sitting to be able to work.  I don’t write exclusively on a laptop. I’ll use a notebook sometimes, if that’s what I’ve got handy. The stereotypical napkin if that’s it. The only thing I try to keep on routine is working at night once my three boys and my wife have gone to bed. Every night.

Do you have trusted readers you turn to as you write, and if so, who and what stage?
Nope. I won’t show any of my writing to a soul. Not even my wife. Over the years of working with a few different editors, taking Continue reading