Q&A with agent Susanna Einstein of LJK Literary

This week’s Q&A spotlights Susanna Einstein, a senior agent and Director of Foreign Rights at LJK Literary, a literary agency in New York. Susanna will be one of our featured agents at WLT’s 2011 Agents Conference, so check out this detailed Q&A to learn more about her!

How did you get started in publishing?

In 1995, two years out of college and into a career in Chicago theater, I realized that I hated actually working in theater. Unfortunately, I had been a monomaniacally focused child, teenager, and college student, and I didn’t have much else besides theater that I liked or knew how to do. I moved home to NYC, and since the only other activities I truly loved were reading and writing, I met with as many people in publishing as I could find through hitting up my friends and family for names.  Eventually I met with Larry Kirshbaum, who was then the Chairman of what was then called Time Warner Trade Publishing and is now the Hachette Group. He listened to me ramble about how much I loved Continue reading