Finish It! 5 Simple Tips to Make More Time for Writing (Feature Post)

By Matthew Schulz

There are always plenty of excuses for not working on your manuscript. However, the stark truth is that what often separates the person with the not-quite-finished novel from the one who’s pitching his finished work is time management.

But, take heart. You can find time to finish your work in progress. It just takes a bit of creativity and a bit of sacrifice.

I’ve learned this the hard way. I’m married with a young son. I’ve got a demanding full-time job. And I am a fiction writer. Balancing those three parts of my life has been a tremendous challenge and has proved frustrating from time to time. After all, I dearly love my family and I enjoy my job, but I also am passionate about my writing and have been for some time. So, in order to maximize my ability to work on my novel while giving sufficient time to the rest of my life, I’ve learned how to carve out small bits of time here and there for writing. Continue reading